Where Can I Get Composting Worms In Singapore?

Here are 6 options we know of at the moment:

You may like to try asking around in the vermicomposting Facebook groups (above) as there are people giving/selling away composting worms from time to time. There are also hobbyists sharing tips and snapshots of their vermicomposting experience!


In this forum, you’ll find threads about buying and selling composting worms. Some of them are pretty noteworthy and affordable.


You may also buy composting worms in Singapore via the 2 links above. Unfortunately, the prices are pretty steep compared to our western counterparts. Most local sources are selling their worms at SGD25 for 100g of worms. (Note: 100g of worms only consist of a small number of adult-sized worms.)

As such, we always recommend getting just a small batch of worms, especially if you’re vermicomposting for the first time. That way, if anything goes wrong, any loss is minimal.

As a beginner, you may take your time to experiment, get used to your new “pets,” and slowly populate them over time. Do you know that composting worms double in population every 3 months? Starting with a small batch of 5 worms will yield you about 10 worms in 3 months. These 10 worms will double to 20 worms by the sixth month!

So it’s perfectly okay to start small. 🙂

Last but not least, the native composting worm in Singapore is called the “Malaysian Blue Worm“, also known as Perionyx Excavates. On the other hand, “Red Worms” (also known as Tiger Worms) are not common or native here as they are more suited to temperate climates.

Hope this helps in kickstarting your vermicomposting adventure! Do share this post if you find it helpful!

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