What To Do With Wastes If You Don’t Compost


“Hi! I am embarking on a zero-waste lifestyle. One of the things I can’t figure out is where I can contribute my wastes to.

I’d like to compost them but don’t have plants to use them with. I also don’t have time to sell or give the compost away.

I hope you can shed some light on this matter. Thanks!”



Here’s Our Response:

Great question!

The great news is some of our local schools and communities have started composting wastes into fertilizer. It might help to scout around for such initiatives that you can contribute to.

Here are some examples that were featured in the local paper:

We also recommend doing a google search on schools and communities near you that are actively composting. Some of them may even have a webpage or blog dedicated to their composting efforts.

We hope this helps! If you know of schools, organizations or communities that have started composting, do leave us a note in the comment box below. We’ll add them to the list above!


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