Update: We’ve Got Steaming Compost!

It’s only been three days since we made our own compost bins for less than $20, and the progress has been superb!

This confirms that composting does well in warm and humid climates like Singapore.

A family member just gave us some updates on our compost. He said when he lifted off the topmost layer of the compost pile, he noticed steam coming out of it.

That’s great news! A warm and steaming compost means the microorganisms in the pile are thriving and hard at work. If that’s the case for yours, you can pat yourself on the shoulder for a job well done.

The pile will take between a couple of weeks to a few months to complete its composting process. But feel free to add more material if your bin is only partially-filled.

Not sure if your compost pile is doing well? Find out here.

For tips on speeding up the composting process, click here.

Happy composting!

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