Our 1st Compost Video (Using The 1st Generation iPhone)

Ok, we gotta admit, this video was created several years ago—even before social media became cool.

So, forgive us for the grainy first-generation-iPhone-quality video… and our very newbie editing. 😉

We thought we’d pull it out of the cobwebs and share it here once again, because it shows how you can create your own compost bin in minutes!


Some useful points to note:

  • This video automatically starts you off with a carbon-rich pile (more ‘browns‘ than ‘greens‘), as it is easier to manage and control.
  • The container in this video measures 32.5cm (diameter) by 40.5cm (height). For a detailed step-by-step guide to creating your own compost bin, click here.
  • It’s important to leave your bin uncovered (no lid!) This ensures an aerobic and odorless composting process.
  • You may allow rainwater to enter your bin to help speed up the composting process. But make sure there are sufficient drainage holes at the bottom, or else things will get ugly and smelly
  • Hay is highly recommended to keep your bin aerated, pest-free, and odor-free. More information here.
  • Shred the bottom layer of newspapers to allow excess moisture to drain out of your bin easily. (We apologize for missing out this step in the video!)
  • Prop up your bin from the ground to allow better aeration below your bin. You can use bricks, stones, boxes etc. Click here to see how we did it.

Any suggestions or feedback? Let us know in the comment box below.

Meanwhile, we’re working on a more updated version of this vid. Once it’s ready, we’ll announce it on our website and Facebook page.

Till then, check out the rest of our videos on our channel here!

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