Lesson Learned: Label Your Compost Bin

Something unfortunate happened: someone emptied our compost bins.


Yup, we’re shocked too, Hermione.


This news came about when a family member found the bins empty one afternoon.

It turned out that a public cleaner had ‘gone the extra mile’ by helping us clear out our bins.

Guess we should have listened to our dad’s advice — label the compost bins so no one would mistake them as trash bins.

Well, the stuff in our bins did look a hundred percent like trash…

Thankfully, it only took a couple of minutes for us to start over our bins. *phew*

We hope this incident spurs you to label your bins too! We’ve printed two signs that say “Please Do Not Touch”, laminated them, and placed them upright in our bins.

Don’t let your composting efforts go to waste! (pun intended)

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