How To Tell If Your Compost Bin Is Working


Here’s how to check if composting is actively taking place in your bin:

After adding material to your bin, the inside of your compost pile will be warm to the touch by the end of the day.

You may even notice condensed water droplets on the inside surfaces of your bin. This is because some moisture from your ‘greens‘ would have evaporated due to heat generated by the composting activity.

After a week, you’ll start to notice the ‘greens‘ turning brownish and grayish in color. They will also start to appear mushy and soil-like.

That’s about it! If you notice these signs, you can pat yourself on the back as you’ve got something good going on inside your bin.

If nothing seems to be happening even after a week, your compost pile may be inactive. Click here to find out how to speed up the composting process.

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