DIY Composting Live Demonstration @ Eco-Fiesta

What an incredible session we all had during Eco-Fiesta! We’d like to thank everyone who came down to watch our live composting demonstration. It was awesome having your company and seeing your smiling faces!

Everyone was listening attentively to every tip and instruction. During the quiz, the answers we received were spot on! If it weren’t for time constraints, we would have run out of prizes. 😉

We hope the live demonstration inspired you to compost for the first time. And if you’re already composting, we hope the session helped you “level up”!

If you’ve got any questions at all, do contact us or hit us up on our social media.

We’ll be posting announcements on our next public session once we’ve more details. Till then, enjoy the pictures below and tag your family and friends on our Facebook album!


Our MOE-accredited instructor, Sarah


Distributing free handouts on DIY composting before the demonstration


Browns, greens, a garden spade. And not to forget—a bag of prizes for the quiz!


A participant taking a snapshot of our bright, colorful banner


“The 4 essentials for composting are food, air, warmth and moisture.”


A delighted kid referring to our handout while listening to the live demonstration


Distributing free fruits to participants downstage! The apple cores and banana skins were later collected and added to the compost bin as greens


Handing an apple to a child who volunteered to eat one 🙂


Sarah illustrating the types of bins suitable for DIY composting


Participants of all ages!


Composting is fun and easy to do, even if you’ve got no experience


A lil girl moving closer for a better look as Sarah demonstrates how to add greens (such as banana peels) to the compost bin


Sharing practical tips and answers to frequently asked questions


Our first participant for the quiz segment! She gamely came up onstage, nailed the question, and won a prize 😀


Another participant bags a prize


We’re always happy to answer your questions!


A participant taking a closer look at our DIY compost bin after the session


Click here for more information on our workshops. If you’re looking for a fun, interactive compost booth to liven up your event instead, click right here.

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