Composting Workshop @ Yuhua Primary School

Our team had a great time with 170 primary three students at Yuhua Primary School!

Our interactive and fun-filled workshop taught the following:

  • The benefits of compost
  • How to make compost using simple, everyday materials
  • How to prevent smells and flies
  • Where to place your compost bin
  • How a compost pile looks and smells like – before and after
  • How to use compost

The children won prizes while participating in composting activities and quizzes. The session ended on a high note with a ball game, a short cartoon about composting, and a cheerful wefie!

Everyone had a memorable and lively time!

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Check out some pictures below:

Students eagerly waiting for the workshop to start

Some items on display during the workshop

Children excited to answer the first quiz question of the day!

“Pick me, pick me!”

Handing out prizes to students who scored during the quiz

A student coming forward to answer a quiz question

Students observing as MOE-accredited instructor, Sarah, holds up a DIY compost bin

Kneeling for a better view of the workshop upfront!

A student raising her hand to answer a quiz question

“Raise your hand if you’d like to create a compost pile with me!”

Selecting a volunteer from the enthusiastic crowd to participate in the next composting activity

Volunteers happily munching on apples and bananas – the apple cores and banana skins were later added into the compost bin as ‘greens’

MOE-accredited instructor, Sarah, explaining what can be added into a compost bin

Students cheering for their friends as they compete in a composting activity onstage

Students giving their full attention as they learn all about composting

Participating in a compost quiz

A student answering a question correctly and winning a prize. Great job!

Kids raising their hands to answer the next quiz question

MOE-accredited instructor, Sarah, demonstrating how to create a DIY compost bin using simple, everyday materials

“Hands up if you know the answer to the next question!”

Volunteers helping to shred newspapers (a type of ‘brown’) to be added into the DIY compost bin

MOE-accredited instructor, Sarah, showing the easiest way to shred newspapers

Shredding newspapers is as easy as 1-2-3!

Thrilled students preparing ‘browns’ for the DIY compost bin

More students eagerly volunteering to be part of the fun!

Adding some moisture to the DIY compost bin – one of the essential steps for composting

Did you know that composting requires moisture to be effective? But not too much because an overly wet compost will result in smells!

Using a garden spade to mix the contents in the DIY compost bin

Never a dull moment in our composting workshops 🙂

Sarah giving rules for a simple ball game – the person who catches the ball has to answer 3 questions in a row correctly to win a prize!

Volunteer throwing the ball as the crowd tries to catch it

Watching the ball go high up in the air!

Hands outstretched to catch the ball

Lots of fun, laughter and excitement!

Handing out a prize to a student who answered 3 questions correctly. Awesome job!

Another student bags a prize

Throwing the ball to the next participant!

Who will catch it?

Fun and laughter all around!

Student bringing the ball to the front after catching it. He gets a chance to answer questions about composting and win a prize!

The ball goes back out to the crowd as they squeal with excitement

Great fun for everyone! 🙂

“I caught it!”

Enjoying a short cartoon about composting

Nine-year-olds learning how to turn wastes into compost for plants

Ending the session with a wefie! 😀

Composting In Singapore is passionate about equipping children with positive learning experiences about composting. These encourage youth to take proactive steps toward creating a sustainable future.

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