Composting Workshop @ Capitol Piazza

We were invited to present a public 30-minute composting workshop during the annual Central Clean, Green & Sustainable Singapore Carnival (CGSS).

Organized by National Environment Agency-Central Regional Office (NEA-CRO) and Central Singapore Community Development Council (CS CDC), the event aimed to inspire community members of Central Singapore to lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. It included interactive stage presentations, games, activities, experiential exhibitions, and many more.

During the brief workshop, the audience learned the basics of composting, and watched a demonstration of how to create a DIY compost bin using simple, everyday materials. The session ended with a quiz where the instructor gave out prizes for correct answers.

We’d like to thank everyone who expressed positive feedback about the workshop in person and on social media! We look forward to conducting more public workshops in future. Do stay tuned for more updates!

Here are some pictures of the event:


Setting up onstage before the workshop


Audience from various walks of life streaming in


Audience getting seated before the workshop


MOE-accredited instructor, Sarah, giving a short introduction about Composting In Singapore (CIS)


Inviting the audience to imagine themselves in a lush green forest and think: how is the forest being maintained?


Sharing dos and don’ts about composting


Demonstrating how to create a DIY compost bin using simple, everyday materials


Adding used coffee grounds into the compost bin


Mixing up the contents in the compost bin


Labelling the compost bin to prevent it from being mistaken as a regular waste bin


It only took minutes to set up the compost bin!


Inviting the audience to participate in a quiz—lots of prizes in the orange bag to be won!


Passerbys stopping by during the interactive workshop


Rewarding a participant for her quick wit in answering a quiz question


A parent-child team answering quiz questions with a perfect score!


Rewarding the parent-child team with a pair of adorable elephant watering cans


Audience pondering over the next quiz question onscreen: What is “compost” in Mandarin?


Left: An enthusiastic participant volunteering to answer a challenging quiz question


Did the participant give the right answer? Check out the next picture for the outcome 🙂


Yes he did, and he won himself a prize from the orange bag!


Rewarding a lady who answered a quiz question correctly—a yellow windmill that matched her lovely dress!


Closing the workshop with our website link and Facebook page—do check them out!


For more information on our workshops, please click here.

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