Composting For Beginn​ers Workshop @ UBS AG

We were invited to conduct a Composting For Beginners workshop for 40 participants at UBS AG.

Our workshop was part of its annual eco event for its staff and employees. Held during lunchtime, food was provided by UBS AG that allowed participants to enjoy a relaxing and casual time while learning how to compost.

The 1-hour workshop included an interactive quiz segment where participants won prizes by answering questions. They also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with composting worms using disposable gloves and sticks provided by the workshop instructor.

Here are some pictures of the event:


Setting up presentation slides and materials before the workshop


A box filled with compost and vermicomposting worms for participants to interact with near the end of the workshop


Introducing Composting In Singapore (CIS) and what we do


Food and refreshments provided by UBS AG


Introducing the many benefits of composting—from home to the workplace


Presenting an overview of various composting methods


Sharing the benefits of creating your own compost and how it can be easily done


Presenting pictures and videos of the “before” and “after” of composting—from trash to compost


Inviting participants to name the different types of “greens” in the picture displayed


Identifying various “greens” that can be added to a compost pile, such as raw kitchen wastes, rotten fruits and vegetables etc


Showing how to check for sufficient moisture in compost


Inviting participants to brainstorm common composting scenarios and their results


Going through a checklist of materials for DIY composting


Sharing our experience on using hay to mitigate odour problems effectively


Demonstrating how to create your own compost bin for less than $20


Adding compost to the bin as “compost starters”—in this case, garden soil or used coffee grounds can also be used


Adding a splash of water into the compost bin for moisture


Stirring the contents in the bin with a garden spade


Sharing tips on speeding up the composting process


Presenting pictures and videos of the “before” and “after” of composting—from trash to compost


Giving pointers on how to use your compost conveniently and effectively


Inviting participants to the front for a hands-on experience with the DIY compost bin and composting worms


Participants interacting with the bin and asking questions


Participants gathering around to ask questions on composting


Disposable gloves and chopsticks for participants to use as they interact with the compost and vermicomposting worms


An eager participant picking out worms that have burrowed into the compost


For more information on our workshops, please click here.

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