Amazon Composters And Composting Tumblers That Ship To Singapore

Composters That Ship To Singapore

Looking for a composter to turn your trash into fertilizer? We’ve done the legwork for you and have come up with a list of well-reviewed compost tumblers that ship to Singapore.

Why is this so important? Because good composters are mostly available overseas and are hard to find here. Good composters have important aspects such as quality, customer service, a proper instruction manual, online support, well-backed user ratings and reviews… The list goes on!

Our recommendations have been well-rated by actual users. And we highly recommend purchasing through the links below so you can enjoy Amazon’s excellent delivery and customer service.

Take a look and let us know if you’ve any questions. We’re here to help!

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Compost Tumblers


Compost Tumbler IM4000

FCMP Outdoor Tumbling Composter (37 Gallons)

  • The tumbling design makes mixing easy and efficient. Simply close the door and turn 5 to 6 times every few days.
  • Large openings and removable door make it easy to add and remove material.
  • Deep fins on the body provide great ergonomic handholds. They also break up clumps inside the chamber and mix lots of oxygen into the compost.
  • Dual chambers – you can allow the first chamber to finish composting while adding fresh scraps/clippings to the second one. Continuously swapping sides gives an uninterrupted flow of rich, healthy compost.
  • Excellent aeration
  • Durable construction, BPA free, will not degrade under direct sunlight. Galvanized steel frame is corrosion resistant.
  • With hot sunny conditions and a good balance of ingredients, compost can be ready in as little as 2 weeks.

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Composting Tumbler Bin and Compost Tea Maker, Food Safe, BPA and Rust Free, No Assembly Required

  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Elegant design
  • No assembly required
  • Produces solid and liquid compost – combines a compost tumbler drum with a compost tea maker base, all made from food-safe, BPA and rust-free materials. The drum rotates on top of the base to create solid compost, and if you choose to do so, the base allows you to collect the excess liquid from the drum as compost tea, a precious liquid fertilizer.
  • The compost tea collecting base is a rare feature amongst composter models, which makes composting on your balcony, deck, patio or porch a pleasant and clean experience.
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in 2 sizes (17 gallons and 35 gallons)
  • Comes in 2 colors (black and pink)

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Spin Bin Composter (60 Gallons), Large Capacity Outdoor Tumbling Compost Bin

  • Molded in the USA from tough recycled plastic
  • Holds up to 60 gallons
  • 20 ventilation and drainage slots (more than other compost tumblers) for greater airflow and faster decomposition
  • Dual-mixing center bar for better mixing and aeration when rotating
  • 1 sure-grip lid for each end of the drum to protect decomposing matter from rodents and other pests
  • Dual lids, always easy to add materials no matter which side is up. Openings are wider too, so you can easily add scraps and wastes.
  • 4 outer ports (1 per panel) for your compost thermometer to gauge internal temperature without reaching in and dirtying your hands
  • Rugged ribbed interior for added strength and better mixing
  • Dark exterior color to absorb solar heat and speed up composting
  • Strong, powder-coated steel legs for safety and stability when spinning
  • Basic composting instructions embossed in each lid
  • 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee

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Dual Rotating Outdoor Garden Compost Bin – Easy Turn, Sufficient Height, Heavy Duty Capacity Composter (43 Gallons)

  • DUAL CHAMBER COMPOST BIN – Dual chamber composter allows for continuous composting. Fill up one chamber while the other chamber nears the end of the composting process. By the time the first chamber’s compost is ready to use, the chamber can be emptied and reused while the second chamber finishes up its composting process.
  • AERATION SYSTEM – Aerated internal bar mixes compost and boosts needed airflow. Black, double-wall panels absorb and retain heat. Perfectly suited for your garden or backyard, and for people not wanting to mix the organic waste in their traditional compost bin.
  • INGENIOUS TUMBLER DESIGN – Turns on an axis for easy and balanced rotation, removing the need for mixing and turning by hand. Simply open the sliding door, add your scraps, and rotate the tumbler 6 to 7 times every few days. Easy slide doors help you keep track of each batch of compost.
  • CONVENIENT LOADING HEIGHT – Enough height to put a cart under the composter. Easy-to-turn barrel and waste is mixed easily. You can look forward to fast batch composting!
  • STURDY POWDER-COATED STEEL FRAME – Powder-coated steel frame provides a sturdy base for the large bin. Galvanized steel feet prevent rusting and deterioration.
  • High-quality PP and BPA-Free plastic
  • Waterproof, ultraviolet proof, rust proof, resistant to high heat and corrosion
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Includes assembly manual
  • Includes online information about: 100 things you can compost and 10 things you should not put into your composter
  • After-sales service

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And that rounds up our recommendations for compost tumblers that ship to Singapore. Looking for something else instead? Browse our online compost shop or let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find the best for you.

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