Compost Booth Highlights—Tree Planting Day 1

A BIG ‘thank you!’ to everyone who visited our Compost Booth last weekend!

We had an amazing time meeting each and everyone of you, answering your questions, and watching your faces light up as you dug around our compost bins.

Thank you so much for gamely participating in activities and answering our short online quiz too! We hope you’ve enjoyed your prizes and freebies 😀

Check out pictures of Day 1 of our Compost Booth below. Share them and tag your family and friends!

If you’ve been missing out and would like to catch us in action, it ain’t too late! We’ve one slot coming up shortly:

November 26 (Sunday), 10am to 12pm, Green Forest Park (Block 878A Tampines Ave 8)

Come by to meet us and get all your composting questions answered. We’ve also got colorful handouts that will help you create your very own compost bin at home!

As our booth is part of Tampines Tree Planting Day, you’ll also get to enjoy:

  • Ice-cream and light refreshments
  • Limited edition Tampidy Plushie!
  • Free watering cans

Enjoy the pictures below!

Having fun during set up! Isn’t our booth colourful?


We’re the only educational booth at Tampines Town Council’s Tree Planting Day. What an honour!


Setting up a sign about our handouts on DIY composting


Freebies and prizes for anyone who takes a picture with our banner or participates in our compost quiz!


One of the highlights of our booth 😉


What’s a compost booth without a garden spade and some comic arrows?


Setting up our DIY compost bin


A closer look at our DIY compost bin. Can you spot shredded newspapers, empty toilet rolls, and raw vegetable scraps in there?


We prop our compost bin off the ground by reusing disposable containers—you may also use bricks, pebbles, stones etc


A snapshot of our looping video on vermicomposting (worm composting)


One of the ways where you can walk away with a prize. You get to pick your prize too!


A summary of how to create your own compost bin at home—click here for detailed step-by-step instructions


Digging around the worm bin as a curious participant looks on


Pointing out a wriggly friend


A simple way to get your hands on a free gift!


Our colorful handouts on DIY composting—they’re free for all!


Happy vibes at our booth 😀


A participant answering questions on our short online quiz. He got a 100% score and won himself a prize!


Sisters digging around for worms


Our lil friends picking their freebies after taking a picture with our banner


We’ve got pretty cool toys for freebies too! While stocks last 🙂


Check out the crowd at our booth!


Composting is easy and lots of fun for people of all ages


Remember the participant who got a 100% score on our quiz? The prize he chose was a brand-new loofah from Body Shop for his wife. Sweet!


A radiant family of four taking a picture with our banner


Say cheese!


Tag your family and friends if you spot them in these pictures! You can tag them on our Facebook album here.


Smiling for the camera


Taking turns to capture a moment at our booth


Big smiles!


What an eventful day with people from all walks of life!


A little friend digging around for composting worms


From left to right: Checking out our booth, watching our looping videos on composting, taking a close look at our DIY compost bin


A group of girls giggling as they watch composting worms wriggle around in our video 😀


Holding up a composting worm for the curious kids!


Watching a worm trying to wriggle out of grasp


Prodding the worm with a stick, and realizing it doesn’t bite! Composting worms are really gentle


Returning the worm back to the soil


Counting the number of composting worms in there


Exploring the worm bin with sticks provided


Found a worm!


Did you know: our native composting worms are reddish-brown with a tint of blue under bright lighting?


How many composting worms can you spot?


Check out this family’s cool matching-colored outfits!


Guiding a participant as she gamely answers questions on our short online quiz


A participant selecting a freebie


“Christmas is coming, would you like a santa hat?”


Sharing fascinating facts about composting worms with a curious kid


A brave lil one interacting with composting worms for the first time


Prodding around for worms


Come by our booth to get all your composting questions answered—just like this gentleman!


Introducing composting worms to Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC (Tampines North), Mr Baey Yam Keng


Sharing vermicomposting (worm composting) tips with Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC (Tampines North), Mr Baey Yam Keng


Mr Baey Yam Keng observing our DIY compost bin on display


Chatting with Mr Baey Yam Keng about how composting can be done even in high-rise apartments


A picture with Mr Baey Yam Keng


Participants enjoying a photo opportunity with Mr Baey Yam Keng


Smiling for the camera!


A participant watching our videos for clues and answers to the online compost quiz


Our signature yellow logo—CIS stands for Composting In Singapore


Interacting with composting worms for the first time!


Capturing a moment with our wriggly friends!


If only our worms were as cool as her face tattoo 😉


Lifting worms out of the tray as a curious boy looks on


Who says you can’t look amazing with worms?


Having fun exploring our worm bin


A closeup of one of our wriggly friends


Proof that kids, fun, and composting worms go very well together! 😀


Taking turns to have a feel of the composting worms


Mission accomplished for this brave first-timer!


Look Ma, dirty hands!


Composting worms could also be ladies’ best friends 😉


Do come by our booth for lots of eye-opening activities!


Watching a video of our composting workshops


A composting worm got entwined with a stick and refused to let go 😀


Maybe ice cream cones and composting worms do go together… ok we’re kidding 😉


Photo opportunity with a brave kid holding up a composting worm


Here’s a shot with the worm in focus this time—just to be fair! 😉


Composting worms can be silly sometimes and make us laugh


A participant choosing her prize after getting a perfect score on our online quiz. Great job!


How many CIS logos can you spot?


This cool kid went straight for the worms without hesitation


Digging around for worms as his mom asks questions about composting


Found a big juicy one!


Composting worms make very gentle, quiet, and peaceable “pets”


Enjoying a pretty therapeutic experience with composting worms


Composting worms are extremely gentle. They never bite!

We believe these snapshots give you a good idea of what goes on at our booth!

To engage our Compost Booth for your next event, simply get in touch or find out more here.

We also provide Composting Workshops that guarantee great learning fun for everyone!

Got any questions? Leave a comment down below and we’ll get back to you asap. 🙂

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