Can I Place My Worm Bin In A Bright Corridor Area?


“Is it okay to keep a worm bin in a corridor area where it’s bright, but not under direct sunlight?”


Here’s Our Response:

Yes it is! As composting worms avoid light, placing your bin in a bright area would encourage them to burrow beneath the surface and deter them from escaping your bin.

And you’re right—the bin should not be placed under direct sunlight. This is because your bin could get too warm, possibly killing your worms or forcing them to escape to cooler pastures.

Do bear in mind that placing your bin in an ideal spot may not completely prevent your worms from escaping. Your worms could still try to leave if the bin’s conditions are unfavorable (i.e. too wet, too dry, not enough air etc)

Also check that your corridor area is not prone to stray animals. Otherwise, your worms could end up becoming their food or plaything. We usually cover our worm bin with a mosquito netting to prevent stray animals, birds, or lizards from getting to them.

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