Believe It Or Not—We Were On ‘Live’ TV!

Happy new year!

Last year had been a very busy time for us. Despite our lack of care toward our compost bins and vermicomposting worms, they’ve remained odorless and pest-free. Very cool!

And here’s an exciting update which we’ve been jumping in our seats to tell you:

Joseph was on ‘live’ TV!

Last month, he was invited onto a weekday Mandarin TV programme called Hello Singapore <<狮城有约>> to demonstrate how to create a DIY compost bin.

Sharing the screen with the very charismatic Guo Liang and bubbly You Yi made it a very memorable experience. We were very thankful to be part of it!

Watch the broadcast here.

Enough about us, what about you? Any new plans or resolutions for this brand new year?

Tell us in the comment box below or holler on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

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