Adding Wastes To Our Worm Bin, Chillin’ Out With Worms

Watch us add kitchen scraps (raw vegetable wastes) into our mini worm bin. During the process, we uncovered worms of various sizes—some of them pretty feisty!

We were trying to make room at the bottom of the bin to bury the new scraps. The worms were pretty annoyed when we dug them out of their hiding places. 

Quick tip: Burying wastes helps to keep flies at bay. Be careful not to overfeed your worms though. Because if they’re not consuming the scraps quick enough, flies will take over. Eeps!

We’ve always enjoyed how extremely low maintenance these worms are. To keep them happy, simply ensure they have just enough moisture (not too wet or dry), a shady environment, food, and air. When left alone, these wriggly friends are self-maintaining, gentle, quiet, and peaceable. They sure make great pets!

Another point to note: It’s no secret that vermicomposting worms disdain light. So if you’re wondering why we chose a transparent box to house them in, it’s because we’ve found it very effective in preventing them from climbing out. Dracula ain’t gonna stick himself out in the sun.

We’ve also kept the lid off for better aeration. These worms thrive better with sufficient oxygen.

To keep the compost moist, we’ve kept a spray bottle of tap water within reach.

Did you know this same box of worms were brought to our ‘live’ TV broadcast? We decided to let them remain in the box until they’re populated enough to move to a bigger one.

We don’t know about you, but watching them glide ever so slowly in this video made us a tad sleepy. Worm therapy, anyone? 😉

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