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Bringing fun back into composting

Composting is easy and enjoyable, and we want you to experience it. We’re MOE-accredited with a passion for making learning fun!

Our workshops are easy to learn from and suitable for all ages.

Liven up your event

Get hands-on with black gold

There’s never a dull moment with our compost booths

Interact with DIY compost bins, poke around composting worms, watch Black Soldier Fly larvae rapidly consume food waste, and even win prizes!


Everything you need to know about composting, with a good dose of fun and humor.

DIY Composting

Turn regular household wastes such as newspaper, cardboard, fruit scraps and vegetable peels into fertilizer.


Composting worms produce high-quality fertilizer that is supercharged with nutrients and minerals.

(Coming Soon)

Airtight method with no risk of smells and flies. Suitable for food waste and small enclosed spaces.

Black Soldier Fly
(Coming Soon)

BSF larvae consume food waste rapidly and are protein-rich feed for animals. Great choice for pet owners.

Recommended composting tools and resources for you.


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