Compost Booth Highlights—Tree Planting Day 2

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We had an amazing time with kids and adults alike at our Compost Booth during Tampines Tree Planting Day 2!

Words can’t fully describe the incredible fun, color, smiles and laughter at our booth, so we’ve included awesome pictures below.

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Enjoy the happy vibes in these snapshots! 🙂


Our colourful compost booth at Tampines Tree Planting Day 2


Not just an ordinary pile of compost. There are composting worms in there 😉


We gave away free handouts on how to compost at home too!


Our freebies include cute Mickey Mouse cups


Introducing DIY composting to a group of family

Answering composting questions from visitors


Composting worms tend to squirm out of view by burrowing into soil. But with patience, you can find them!


In search of composting worms


The expression of every kid who discovered worms in our vermicompost 😉


“Look! I found a composting worm!”

Introducing vermicomposting (composting with worms)


Our booth facilitator, Sarah, introducing composting worms to a fellow composter


You can compost easily at home with a bucket!


Pointing out composting worms to curious kids


Digging around the vermicompost with sticks provided

Kudos to this adorable girl who found the largest worm in our vermicompost!


Observing a wriggly worm with surprise 😉


“Should I touch the worm?” 😀


A family gamely looking for composting worms together


Discovering how composting worms turn wastes into high-nutrient fertilizer for plants

Finding out what’s inside a DIY compost bin


Visitors checking out our colorful and interactive items on display


Sharing a fun conversation over composting worms 🙂


Composting worms tend to avoid light. That’s why they remain buried under soil and are unlikely to venture out!


Lifting out a sizable worm for others to see 😀

Kid having a feel of our gentle wormy friends


Observing the different parts of a composting worm


“Would anyone else like to hold a composting worm in your hand?” 😉


Kids looking on with surprise and glee as a girl bravely asks for more worms to be placed on her hand


A fun and unforgettable learning experience for everyone!

Kids taking turns to play with composting worms


Our compost booth guarantees an eye-opening experience for everyone 🙂


“Look! I found a worm!”


“Look! There’s another worm over here!”


How many worms can you spot?

Sharing composting tips, which include chopping up ‘greens’ before adding them to your compost bin


Check out the crowd at our booth!


Kids handing worms to one another so that everyone gets a chance to play 🙂


Kids handling worms with plastic gloves provided


Composting worms are very gentle – they never bite!

Booth facilitator, Sarah, watching over the children as they have fun with composting worms


Sarah helping to place a worm on a kid’s hand


Composting worms are really interesting to look at!


Gently encouraging a lil girl to check out composting worms for the first time


The brave lil one takes the stick! 🙂

Interacting with composting worms for the very first time


Students checking out our compost booth


Do you know that composting worms eat about half their weight every day?


Say cheese!


Making new friends over composting worms

A lady taking snapshots of this memorable moment


Who says you can’t look amazing with compost? 😉


Cool kids in cool matching outfits for a special day like this! 😀


We love answering your composting questions!


Digging into the DIY compost bin to see how it works

To engage our Compost Booth for your next event, simply get in touch or find out more here.

We also provide Composting Workshops that guarantee a great learning experience for everyone!

Got any questions? Leave a comment down below and we’ll get back to you asap. 🙂

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